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Check out the latest news from the Josie True team !


November 2004 - Apparently over 500 people a month download each of the teachers guides per month to use in their classrooms. fantastic!

Regrouping the josie team for anther go for late 2005.


July 2002 - Here's a sneak preview of the Egypt scene!

June 2002 - New Josie Adventure design for Josie II: Egypt! Josie I site map created.

April 2002 - New Teachers' guide goes online here!

March 2002 - New University of Oregon Students adopt the Josie Project and begin planning Episode 2: Egypt!

December 2001 - watch for our teacher's guide and games menu, coming soon!

October 2001 - Josie True involves the students in the Multimedia Design program, Department of Art at the University of Oregon; final bugs are working themselves out!

July 2001 - Creator Mary Flanagan announces move of Josie True Project to the University of Oregon

Jan 2001 - Check out our new "Links to Scholarship information for parents /friends/ families" here

Dec 2000 -

Many bugs fixed, but still animating and coding away! We're also doing the curriculum guide!

Nov 2000 -

Bad bad bugs make our alpha restart at will. Patience required from anxious Josie fans! A paper on Josie was presented at WebNet 2000 in San Antonio this month.

October 2000:

Josie meets her makers! Well, sort of. Professor Flanagan and Josie travel to Washington DC to meet the folks at the National Science Foundation!
Of course, since this is near Josie's house, she doesn't need to take the iCat to get there!

September 2000:

Getting ready! (but not yet posted for all to see)! Only a few more animations and two more games to go!

June 2000: Web Demo up which contains several games -- on the way to finishing games and working on many animated sequences.

February 2000: Many game designs underway, including chili games

December 1999: The Adventures of Josie True recieves a grant from the National Science foundation. participants rejoice!

August 19, 1999: webmaster realizes the sheer number of mistakes he made and in an overnight fit of madness, completely redesigns the entire site.

August 12, 1999: New Website design goes online.

August 7, 1999: New Webmaster is announced.

July 22, 1999: Team planning two new websites and splashy demo. Keep watching!

June 2,1999: Tom joins the web team and site begins heavy renovation.

April 30, 1999: Josie site makes its on-line debut. The Internship ends with a finalized Josie True slide show. The slide show will be online soon, so check back often.

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