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Josie True FAQ

Many people ask many things, so here are FAQs.

Q. How is this project made?
A. The Adventueres of Josie True is created in a vector-based animation package called Macromedia Flash (primarily version 4, tho the files run in the flash 5 player). It is ideal for web-based delivery of games and animation.

Q. Why do we go to Chicago? Why do we go to Paris?
A. This game, like future Josie games, is based around the life of an actual historical woman. Bessie Coleman managed a chili parlor in Chicago while saving money for flight school. She received her pilot's license in France, and returned to France a second time to get her stunt pilot's license. In the game, we catch her just before her trip. We end up going with Josie to Paris for one of Coleman's flight shows! So the settings were based around the events surrounding the historical figure.

Q. How do I win the game?
A. To win The Adventures of Josie True, you must play games and win, then collect inventory items which further you along in the story. There are 14 games in all within the whole adventure. Eventually, you may find youself just outside Paris, in the countryside...

Q. Where do you host the site?
A. Josie is hosted in Canada. I recommend these folks, they deal with customers in the US and Canada and most likely beyond. Very helpful. Josie is running off of their very peppy backbone.

Q. Whose input was involved in the project?
A. Girls from around the city of Buffalo played an active role in content and usability testing (you know who you are!!) In addition, feedback has been received from around the world via email. Thanks to all for your ideas. And of course, the student team at UB made it all happen.

Q. Why are you giving the project away for free?
A. This is a conscious choice before we even started the project. This is a not-for-profit project funded by the NSF--it is designed so that girls will be able to get involved in the internet and in science and math educational opportunities for free. We want to give real girls good content and provide real historical role models to girls in a science and math context. There is too much money at stake in the software industry for developers to take (what they perceive as) market risks; unfortunately, that means that we see less diversity in the products available to girls. In addition, software is too expensive for the average family or the average school, and since the project is funded, it should be in the hands of as many people as possible. So send friends and family our way!

Just remember, B* prevails right now, but she may not forever. Josie is way cooler.

Q. Who owns the rights to Josie the character?
A. Rights to the project, including all characters and games, are possessed by Mary Flanagan. There are future Josie projects in design. If you would like to use images of Josie on your site, please provide a link to this site ( If you would like to contract a special Josie appearance on a media site near you, please contact mary flanagan.


~ mary @ maryflanagan. com