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"Web Sites for Girls and Young Women" - the best resource on women and technology on the Web

CyberSisters is part of a more extensive site offering a wide variety of resources to kids and parents.

New Moon Magazine- an online version of the popular magazine out of Duluth, Minnesota. It contains the articles and other features that appear in the print version. This site also contains a nice collection of links to other girl- and parent-friendly sites on the web.

The Kids' Clubhouse at Education Place - provides games and resources young students studying a wide variety of subjects

SmartGirl - devoted to promoting media either designed for or made by girls and women.

GirlTech - Website for girls using technology

A Girl's World - Yo! Girl! There's a whole world to explore here! So get busy. Come on in to A Girl's World!

Girl Games - Check out "The Adventures of Phat Girl" as well as games and a chat room.

Femina has a subsection devoted to links just for girls.

Purple Moon is an interactive site with lots of information and lots of things to do. You can chat, send post cards, play games, and more at this lively and entertaining location.

Go-Girl presents a lively and entertaining array of informative content relevant to teen girls' social and academic lifestyles. The site features 5 departments sure to interest young women everywhere: Go Fashion, Go Beauty, Go Play, Go Study, Go Fitness, and special monthly features such as Go Serious.

Brave Girls and Strong Women Bookstore is associated with the Bookstore. It features books showing "girls who are courageous, intelligent, and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in?", as well as books about raising and educating strong, healthy, and happy girls aimed at parents and teachers. There is also a nice set of links to girl-related resources at this location.

Girls Incorporated includes The Girls' Bill of Rights, discussions of how girls are portrayed in the movies and on television, and tips for parents and adults with concerns about adolescent girls.

Go, girl! is "dedicated to getting women of all ages and fitness levels involved in sports." This site also offers links to information about women engaged in all kinds of athletic activities including the WNBA and the Olympics.

CyberTeens offers contests, games, chats, etc. for both girls and boys and offers a space to showcase creative teens at their best.

Teen Online Voices is an e-zine targeted at slightly older girls and looks at topics ranging from interracial dating to weight issues to trendy clothing ads. This site will get girls thinking about important issues.

Billing itself as the 'yuckiest site on the Internet' offers the best of the worst science facts on the net.

The Middle School Girls' Selected Annotated Reading List and Resource Guide from the Center for Women's Studies, University of Texas at Austin offers a culturally diverse, selected, annotated reading list and resource guide for middle school teachers, librarians, and students in Texas. The annotated list features recent books about girls' and women's lives in the areas of literature, social studies (Texas history, world history, and U.S. history), the arts, sciences and math. It provides titles and descriptions of fiction and nonfiction books, web pages, 'zines, magazines, and resources specifically aimed at middle school girls.

Girls In America is a content rich site serving as a companion to the documentaries Run Like A Girl and Smile Pretty airing on PBS. It also stands alone as a great site for girls and parents.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus Online Come to "the Greatest Show on Earth." This colorful, animated site is updated daily. There are games, electronic postcards, animal facts, news items, and a history of the circus. Find out about the clowns, other performers, and even P.T. Barnum, himself. Search the schedule for shows coming your way.

Science and Nature for Kids Written for kids. Has weekly articles and events; a resource list organized by categories such as Experts, Facts, Field Trips, Projects, and Stories & Fun; and an annotated best of the net guide.

Girl Power! - A national public education campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help encourage and empower 9- to 14-year old girls to make the most of their lives.

Test Your Geography Knowledge - USA Interactive quiz that tests your knowledge of where the states are on an outline map of the United States. There's also one for the provinces in Canada and the countries in Europe.

Tongue Twisters Enjoy this site, with "1340 entries in 59 languages." Select the language of choice, and browse through the annoyingly alliterative assonances.

Your Gross and Cool Body Ever wondered what that gunky stuff in the corner of your eye is or what dandruff sounds like? Most ten year-olds have and this is the place for them. Lots of facts about the human body and in-depth information for anyone curious about bodily functions. Kids can e-mail Wendell the Worm with their questions and teachers can sign up for an online newsletter.

GirlSite - "Imagine a community of girls on the Net who speak their minds, share their ideas and make lasting friendships." GirlSite offers private chatrooms, all kinds of resources for girls and parents, and great links to other sites for girls.

Check out A Girls World Home Page where girls 7 to 17 can sign up for pen pals.

700+ Great Sites, compiled by the Children and Technology Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children - a division of the American Library Association, is divided into content areas and contains links to some really great resources.

General Information

4,000 years of Women in Science

Ellen Spertus's page on Women and Computing


Scholastic Science Activities - for Teachers and interested folks, grade 4-8

Scholastic Math Activities - for Teachers and interested folks, grade 4-8


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