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About Josie
"Cyberspace: Where the Girls Aren't Yet"
(Computer and online games for girls are becoming the next frontier for developers)
By Jodi Mailander Farrell for
Feb. 11, 2000

"Professor Creates a Web-Based Game for Girls" By NINA WILLDORF for The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 10, 2000

"'Josie True' lures girls to computers."
University at Buffalo Reporter, December 1999

"Discovering New Media: Mary Flanagan explores the frontiers of digital art" Excerpts: UB today, Fall '99








About Girl Games

Ellen Spertus' home page


Edutainment for Girls on the Web:
Usability Considerations and Technical Aspects
Mary Flanagan, November 1997

Gender and the numbers:
women still shy away from math and science.

(Special Report: Measuring Excellence)
Deirdre McMurdy, 1992

Dear diary: a history.(study of diaries)
Beth Brophy

( is a Web site geared toward teenage girls)
Megan Harlan, 1997

Schooled in failure?Fact or myth - teachers favor boys; girls respond by withdrawing.
(research; includes related article on all-girls' schools)
Amy Saltzman

An image to heal. (influence of models as a cause of eating disorders)
Jill S. Zimmerman

Will the girls be all right?
Judith Timson

Teen tumult: why it's harder on girls.
Sue Avery Brown

Research Site:
The research done by this group (Tom) to give a better idea of the historical settings featured in this game.



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