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The Adventures of Josie True is a web-based historical adventure game for girls --generally geared for ages 9 - 11.The materials are based upon a 5th grade school curriculum. We worked with girls at several school districts as well as educators and families to create this site.

This site is 100% produced as a not-for-profit site. There are no hidden advertisements, no clubs to join, and no secret agendas.

We would like to form a not-for-profit organization soon in order to continue to produce this material. If you are overcome with the urge to donate funds towards a future Josie web adventure, please email! Next, we'd like Josie to travel to Ancient Egypt to meet Pharaoh Hatshepsut, one of the few women pharaohs who ever ruled.

Future adventures could include travels to Ancient China to meet the Empress who invented silk; a trip in American history to meet Madame CJ Walker, early African American chemist; journeys to South America to meet women scientists; possible excursions could also include travelling with Maria Sibyla Merian, a German botanist who worked South America in the 1600s, Hildegarde von Bingen, an abbess, doctor, composer, and mathematician in 12th century Europe, Gargi, the natural philosopher from ancient India, and visits with important contemporary innovators including Wilma Mankiller, the first woman Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, and scientist Valerie Mizrahi , the first South African scientist to win one of five "Women in Science" prizes awarded annually by UNESCO.

If you have any questions about our process or anything else, please feel to write to me.

I have recently received several requests from parents about information for scholarships and financial aid for girls going into college in computer science, engineering, and math areas. Please check out my growing resources page on this topic here.

~ mary <at>!
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