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Josie Stats:

Name: Josie C. True or Tu Chou Xi (Chinese name)
Age: 11
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: blue-black

Address: 162a BirchTree Way, Alexandria, Virginia

Family: 1 younger brother, Eric, who is 9 and whiny. They live with Dad (Parents Divorced).


Parents: Dad is a building contractor; Mom lives in Washington DC city center and is an attorney. Grandma lives on the first floor of Father's townhouse and is hilarious, the only one in the house Josie thinks has a sense of humor!

Family History: Parents immigrated to the US when children. Mother from Taiwan when 13, Dad from Hong Kong when very young; met in Stockton, CA. Mom went to college, Dad was too poor and was already working at age 15. They divorced when Josie was 7, which was very hard for her to cope with. She likes to go out with mom to her work when she's not too busy and check out DC.

Hobbies: reading, talking on the phone, dancing, listening to music on the internet and making CDs, soccer, occasional playing of the electric violin, Lego robot making, wants to be a chemist, robot maker, or an inventor "cuz science is cool." Favorite class: Science (with Ms. Trombone) Least favorite class: Social Studies (cuz the books are way too old)



Name: Ms. J. Trombone
Age: 32
Eyes: brown
Hair: black

Address: 55 Luxor Lane, Alexandria, Virginia.

Occupation: Teaches 4th, 5th and 6th grade science.

Family: Ms. Trombone comes from an eccentric family. She lives with her cousin Phil, a plant biologist--well, for the most part he lives in a greenhouse outside. She has little time for boring folks, as she's too busy with the stuff going on in her mind to be bored.

Hobbies: Welding, water skiing, flying (she has a pilot's license), cloud seeding, meteorology, doing MENSA logic problems, raising birds, being an activist for women scientists, and speaking French, Hindi and Swahili.

Name: Bessie Coleman
Age: 25
Eyes: brown
Hair: black

Address: I lived in Chicago, Paris, Florida, Texas and California.

Occupation: Pilot, stunt and commercial; also was a manicurist and managed a chili parlor.

Name: Intellicat
Age: .6
Eyes: green
Fur: gray aluminum

Address: 55 Luxor Lane, Alexandria, Virginia.

Occupation: Time traveler, date keeper, database, map holder, translator and pet.

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