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Join Josie True across time and space as she tries to find her missing inventor/science teacher Ms. Trombone!! Josie travels back in time to Chicago and then Paris, meeting fabulous historical figures such as Bessie Coleman, the world's first African-American woman aviator! Along the
way, play fun activities to help Josie and her iCat in their
search! To play, click "play."

Josie In Action (some stills from the game)

Josie on the run in Chicago.

Josie meets the cabbage lady!

Josie explores Ms. Trombone's house.

Bessie Coleman at the airfield.


What Josie usually says if you ask her:

I like finding things out and making things happen-that's why I like science, because you can check out all kinds of cool experiments. It takes patience, though, and I'm working on that. I'm not too patient! I dig dogs, they're smart; we don't have a pet except fish right now, cuz my family is really busy and my brother let the last gerbil we had die. Jerk! I like school when it's not boring--I mostly like my teachers. Ms. Trombone is really cool! I don't like the Chinese school I go to on Sundays, but that's because my friends get to do other stuff and I don't-I have to be weird and learn Chinese. Well, I am kind of weird. But I know that I also kinda like Chinese stuff too, since it's my heritage. I also live with my dad, which makes me weird to some kids. I love both of my parents and wish I could live with them both, but I can't. So me and my brother travel back and forth. I keep Mom's apartment cuz it's way up, but we have more room for our junk in Dads. If I think of general stuff about me, I'd say I'm smarter than I let on, I have a lot of energy, I'm curious, and I really get into things, you know, obsessive or something. Things I believe in? I think everyone should try to be a good person: help others, don't be nasty to other people, etc. Be honest, and do whats right. Be interested in stuff. Laugh a lot! And work hard. That's another family trait!

What her friends say about her:

Josie's crazy, truly crazy. She can be sassy to people she doesn't like. When she's mad, she's really mad, but it doesn't last. Josie will stick by me whether I'm happy or sad, even when my jokes are bad. I think Josie's neat because she doesn't care what other people think most of the time. She helps people who need help, but does it JosieSTYLE! Josie's nice to a lot of kids, popular and unpopular.

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